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Bethel Defense Florida Executive Protective Services

Bethel Defense Protective Services primary focus is to provide a safe environment for individuals, families and special events.  We can provide a single Officer or an Executive Protection Team for your protection. All of our Officers are being constantly trained in the latest technologies and threats. Each Officer completes a thorough re-certification every 6 months.

Our uniqueness in this field is precipitated by the fact that everyone in our company is a believer of Jesus Christ. We are led by the Spirit in our actions. Make no mistake; these are highly trained individuals that will perform in an exemplary manner, at all times. They are Ladies and Gentlemen that will ensure your safety, regardless of personal consequences. They just didn’t hire on…they dedicated themselves to the protection of God’s people. They have been called for this duty.

If you are facing a need for personal protection, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we could be of service to you.

May the rich blessings, of our dear Lord, be with you always.

Craig Dixon

Craig Dixon

Our Services include:

  • Personal Protection and Escorting throughout the United States and many countries
  • Overseas Missionary escorting
  • Special events, concerts, revivals, high risk speakers
  • Escorting families throughout the Central Florida attractions areas
  • Our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week