Sep 032014

Executive Protection

Today we live in a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous. The events of September 11, 2001 are still fresh on many peoples’ mind. With the resources and personnel of state and national law enforcement agencies being insufficient to cover everybody, individuals nowadays look for bodyguard and executive protection services. The increased need for bodyguards and personal security has resulted in various career opportunities in the security sector.

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Many people assume that a bodyguard basically needs to be a well-built person who is capable of self-defense or martial arts. This is however very far from the truth. For a body guard to be proficient in what he does, he needs to undergo executive protection training. Body guard training teaches you to deal with various situations using your wit and knowledge. You learn to obey the cardinal rules and protect your host. There are many benefits to attending an accredited bodyguard training school. Below are just a few.

Most security companies will not hire a person lacking the proper bodyguard or executive protection training. It is therefore necessary that in order to secure employment, you enroll in a body guard training school where you are taught the basic skills that you can apply in the protection of you client. The benefit of undergoing training is that it will show your potential employer what you are capable of. You will have an objective list of your strong areas and your weakness which you can prove rather than tell them in interviews only.

Bodyguards in the state of Florida must be licensed Class D and if armed must have a class G statewide firearms permit. Up-market, high profile executive protection services often demand that the bodyguard possess the legal ability to carry a concealed weapon, specifically a firearm. The training offered our specialists usually incorporates skills on how to handle a firearm in many different situations.

Mitigate and Effectively Handle Workplace Violence

Professional training is not only useful for people seeking employment as bodyguards or personal aides; it is also beneficial to any regular citizen who is conscious about his or her safety. One area in which the training is highly applicable is when dealing with workplace violence. If you attend an accredited training school, you will be provided with insights, techniques and foolproof strategies to ensure a secure working environment. Employees with a certificate of self-defense training on their resumes are often highly viewed. The skills acquired can be very useful in dealing with theft, damage and any violence in the workplace and can help in averting a possible lawsuit.

Highly Professional Training

Most executive protection agencies and training schools are headed and founded by former secret service agents and military persons. They therefore have the experience and technical know-how of what techniques are necessary in effective bodyguard training. This means that if you sign up for the training, you will be taught by highly certified and qualified people. You not only get trained in class but also get field training to ensure you are able to apply what you learned in class to real life situations.

On-Going Training

Just like policemen and military personnel, executive protection agents usually need to go for regular training to keep abreast with the latest trends and techniques in this field. The world is ever changing and lack of regular training may make you and your services obsolete.