Aug 282014

Florida Executive Protection

A time may come in your life when you need premium protective services. You may fear someone on your job, or you may have to attend a congested social event that hosts various personality types. Your business may be a constant target of malicious acts of sabotage and espionage. Perhaps, you are an important political figure, or you have semi-celebrity status in your locale. Even if you are a blue-collar worker, you still deserve crème de la crème executive protection. Bethel Defense uses a unique multilayered protection plan that will keep you and your companions safe and secure at all times.
More Than Your Average Body Guards

Typical bodyguard services are sometimes not worth the hundreds of dollars a day that they cost. Many bodyguards are overweight, inexperienced and devoid of professional certifications that prove they are competent enough to protect you. Bethel Defense Protection offers an intricate executive protection plan that will make you feel confident at all times during your trip, meeting, work shift or speech. The company’s philosophy differs from the average bodyguard service because it has a Christian overtone. The protective personnel in this organization are devout Christians who have a mission to protect all children of God. Part of their intricate training comes from Bible teachings.

The other parts of the executive protection specialist’s advanced training curriculum come from accredited government agencies and private security companies. These men and women will guard your life with their strong conditioned bodies, their superior tactical intelligence, and their positive spirits. The security plans that they can develop will cover all possible scenarios and several unlikely scenarios. Furthermore, your protection will include discretion in situations in which anonymity improves safety.

How Executive Protection Services Works

You will receive an assortment of educational information, risk-assessments and strategies that can safeguard you against assault, theft, harassment, kidnapping and homicide. Specialists will help you to create secret emergency response plans so you can communicate with your guards in the face of adversity. Such persons will assist you with creating emergency contact lists and evacuation plans that you can use should a dangerous situation arise.

You may opt to have an armed or unarmed person drive you to your destination and surround you during vulnerable times. All executive protection drivers have special training in defensive driving, evasive driving, and close-range conflict prevention. Additionally, you can request a vehicle that has a GPS tracking system so that other protective personnel can keep a record of your whereabouts. By requesting executive protection services, you will minimize the risk of being caught off guard. The presence of a protective person will often deter criminals and malicious persons for fear of being caught in their actions. Your vulnerability level will decrease drastically as you will have extra sets of eyes and ears surrounding you.

Executive protection services are only as good as the dedicated individuals who provide them. You can feel confident trusting a fully trained line of Christian men and women to keep you out of harm’s way.