Nov 222014
Professional Executive Protection

Professional Executive Protection

Consider yourself being at a late night party with your date somewhere in central Florida where you have escaped the cold of the North. You are an executive on vacation who is responsible for a large company with many employees and a board of directors to whom you report. Recently you’ve had to make the tough decision to layoff employees to keep the company profitable. Here you are with your date at this event when you notice an guy slowly moving through the crowd toward you. He could be someone who know, or that you have met before. But he seems intent on moving toward you. Many things race through you mind, wasn’t this a private party?

It is times like this that you need a professional Executive Protection Specialist. You don’t need to worry about what the suspicious person is up to, or how you will get out of the situation without a scene. Many times the person isn’t a serious threat, they are no more than an annoyance, but is that how you want to spend your night out, dealing with someone who’s had one too many and has vehemently opposing viewpoints? Do you even know where the exit is or exactly where your car is parked? Do you want to explain to your date why you have to suddenly leave? Having a professional bodyguard who can escort and drive makes a world of difference.

If the suspicious party crasher has more aggressive plans, maybe to harm or humiliate you, then that is when a protection specialist is even more important to have. They will know where the exits are and how to get to the car, or have it close by for a quick getaway. If needed they can get you out in a hurry, or protect you from an unpleasant experience.

The bottom line is a Bethel Protection Services Agent WILL HAVE A PLAN!

Executive Protection Specialists from Bethel Protection Services (BDPS)  from central Florida are trained to deal with and expect the unexpected. They can provide security protection or assist with your existing security team with proper planning, analysis and a risk assessment that will lessen the possibility of an unplanned event or increased liability concern. BDPS offers an analysis, planning, and crisis management done by our team that greatly reduces the risk of criminal activity or poor response in an emergency. Involving BDPS helps to prevent substantial damage to people, property, and maintains business continuity.

In the case of an emergency, our specialists are trained to respond and direct others involved to avoid and or evacuate their principals all while communicating necessary information to EMS and Law Enforcement.

At every step our specialists will have a plan, know escape routes and have the ability to protect, or remove their principle from harms way, or just uncomfortable situations. We understand that most of this has to be done covertly, without causing a scene or commotion. In many cases, our goal is to have the principle not even know that they was any potential for alarm or concern.

Wouldn’t it be better if you and your date could enjoy the evening and not have to be concerned about your safety or safe transportation?