Our Beliefs


We Believe, that we are in the End Times

We Believe, that men and women will be called, to be defenders of those that cannot defend themselves.

We Believe, that in order to protect, we must be trained.

We Believe, we must adhere to all laws concerning our actions.

We Believe, we must be recognized, by our government, as a properly licensed Security Agency.

We believe we must be able to stand alone or as a Team, to protect our loved ones and our Church Families.

We Believe, in our Law Enforcement Agencies and enjoy the protection that they offer us all.

We Believe, that our Law Enforcement is limited and We must be able to protect, until help arrives.

We Believe, in the Trinity and will use the power and wisdom given us, by Jesus Christ.

We Believe, that we do all things to Glorify God.

We Believe!