Special Event Security in Florida


Special Event Security FloridaEvents such as shareholder and corporate board meetings, religious events, product road shows, sports competitions, major sponsorships, political conventions, and international business conferences – present an enormous challenge for security professionals responsible for dignitary safety, event security, traffic control, crowd management, and parking impact. Security measures for high visibility events also require collaboration among many private companies and federal, state and local agencies, and they can require planning more than a year in advance of the event. Considering the potential risks facing organizations planning these large events in the current political climate, security and event management professionals need to incorporate risk assessment into their planning. Potential controversy surrounding the event or the people involved, and then formulate different proactive approaches to protecting clients and attendees are just some of the things a security team should consider.

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Organizations and individuals involved in special events in different parts of the world have relied on the security expertise of our agents for years. We balances effective security based on preplanning and response with discreet protection that does not deter from the success of your event.

Ongoing Security Monitoring – Provides monitoring and intelligence in the days before and during the event to predict and contain many security or crisis situations. They include:

  • Security reviews
  • Personal threat assessments
  • Continued monitoring of threat levels
  • Incident reports
  • Threat estimations

Consequence Management / Contingency Planning – enables an immediate response and implementation of a series of contingency solutions in the event of a crisis, including:

  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Crowd Management (if so desired)

Protection – provides highly trained professionals for close protection of key executives and VIPs; digital security; and advance security of routes, facilities, and access points.

Coordination with Law Enforcement – provides efficient and thorough communication with all relevant local, regional, and federal authorities before and during the event.

Supplemental Services – we offer our clients a wide range of additional services, such as communications and logistics to help them attain the goals and desires they want.

Mitigate Risk And Avoid Liability – by deploying a team of highly trained professionals and an integrated security approach, you can rely on our expertise to help recognize, analyze, and neutralize risks before they threaten you, your people, and/or facilities.

Preserve Image Of Event – BDPS helps you maintain the spirit of your organization’s culture without compromising the security of the environment. With an ability to integrate security with the goals of the event, BDPS offers non-intrusive protection that matches security measures to the threat level.

Make The Most Efficient Use Of Your Budget – our expert assessment of any possible risks enables you to better allocate resources for maximum results. Through an extensive knowledge of known threats and client practices, BDPS can make recommendations based on what is most appropriate to your security needs.

Have Peace Of Mind – It is difficult enough to ensure that an event is up and running and successful without also taking on the burden of securing it. Knowing that the security system is being managed by BDPS, you can focus on providing a successful event that meets your goals.

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