Workplace Violence Prevention


Workplace Violence Prevention

This type of violence has evolved with the progress of the personnel protection mission. The responsibility of the executive protection specialist has now developed into areas solely handled in the corporate workplace environment. Understanding this area of responsibility and those involved is critical in correctly defining the situation and providing a safe resolution.

There are many contributing factors that can evoke a threat in the workplace. Some of these factors are not specifically relative to the workplace, but to a person, such as a manager or co-worker. BDPS understands these cultures that result from force reductions and terminations. And, by utilizing the latest techniques in the field of psychology and behavioral sciences, we can help to identify those “problem behaviors” that may result before they become a threat.

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This proactive mentality in providing security solutions regarding threats to the workplace is important. It is one of the principal keys in mitigating the situation before it ever occurs or intervention if the situation is already needed.

You will receive thorough assessment prior to the event, comprehensive strategy with emergency response plans, and discreet protection specialists who are carefully selected to handle these types of scenarios. They are specifically trained in workplace issues from methods used in the industry as well as verbal de-escalation techniques specifically designed by BDPS. You can count on us relieve your corporate vulnerability to dangerous or unpleasant situations without disrupting the work culture or environment.

Risk Assessment – evaluates critical threats at the workplace; assesses security procedures and coverage; exposes vulnerabilities; and recommends security improvements.

Risk and Crisis Management Plan – develops procedures for reporting and investigating threats; outlines evacuations procedures to all involved; designates emergency contacts and call-tree lists and the safest steps to avoid further danger in a crisis.

Education – We will consult to provide everyday security for corporate executives and other employees or at-risk individuals. BDPS specialists also offer one-on-one security awareness training support staff on security tactics that help your employees become active partners in their own security.

Protection Specialists – Our teams provide real time security needs well as post incident coverage to alleviate retaliatory possibilities by the employee affected.

Maximize Productivity / Minimize Disruptions – each specialist has the skill sets required to react quickly, interact with and make your family, colleagues, and you feel comfortable, maintain a low profile, and minimize disruptions to your work environment.

Maintains Business Continuity – our team helps to ensure that the essential functions of your people, business or organization survive a disruption or incident.

Protect People – protecting yourself, colleagues, and your family is essential. We understand that people are priceless; keeping you out of harm’s way is a commitment that our agents takes seriously. Our team helps you move forward in business and in life with confidence.

Reduce Risk – proper analysis, planning, and crisis management greatly reduces the risk of criminal activity and poor response in an emergency, helping to prevent substantial damage to people, property, and business continuity.

Deter Criminal Activity – having a trained and watchful security presence as you travel and work provides peace of mind and is a strong deterrent to criminals.

Respond Effectively to an Emergency– BDPS security specialists will respond and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous incidents by evacuating the protected and by communicating with law enforcement or emergency medical personnel quickly.

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